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Back in 2015, our founders realised how crucial digital marketing would be, and how this digital age, is on route to take over almost all traditional marketing efforts.


However, there was another observation, where start ups, and SMEs in Malaysia does not know who, or where to turn to, in order to start out on the right foot when it comes to creating a beneficial and impactful online presence.


There is a need, and thus, Catalyst is born. Consisting of all  Google Certified member on staff , our aim is always true, and what we aim, is always the best for you!  

google certified
googe partner
google ads agency

We work tirelessly to develop responsive and user-friendly websites for our clients. However, a working website is not where our journey together ends.

 We are trained professionals who have years of experience in Digital Marketing, Creative Website Design, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing,  Youtube Marketing, (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation, (SEM) Search Engine Marketing and Content Writing .

 You’ve invested in a beautiful website, now let us guide the traffic towards your brand. 


We are the type of people who works until the wheels fall off, and continue working tirelessly.


Get in touch with us and start the first step towards great results! 

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