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The Battle of Facebook Ads Versus Google Ads

Although Facebook started out as a social media platform, it has since evolved into a prominent player in the world of paid ads. Both Google and Facebook have a very high amount of visitors and any business in any given industry could benefit from the exposures available to them through both these channels.

On the surface, both mediums appear to offer similar services, there are some notable differences between the two. For instance, the search network is absent in Facebook.

A common inquiry that Catalyst Edge Marketing gets involves asking which of these two (Google Ads and Facebook Ads) is actually better? The answer actually depends on what you are actually advertising. The key thing to remember is to always put yourself in the shoes of the end-user. How is the end-user interacting with your ads?

Leveraging on Google Ads

Users are most likely looking to make a purchase when they are searching for a product or service on Google. This is where we can help local businesses to leverage on this and advertise based on the keywords the community is searching for. Search campaigns charge you based on clicks, not on impressions. On the other hand, Google Display Network can be useful to target people's tendency to make impulse purchases. You are paying for impressions here. With Google Search, you are actually placing your ads on pages where your potential customers are already looking for services or products that you are selling (Provided you are running your ad campaign properly).

Leveraging on Facebook Ads

Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have millions of users daily. Imagine showing your ads to a well-targeted fraction of the community based on profile criteria that are determined by us when we create your advertisements. Social media advertising campaigns are a very powerful tool, to really capture impulse buying. If history teaches us anything, the food industry is booming through social media as well, inspiring thousands of food bloggers to share their paid reviews through social media platforms.

Now onto the million-dollar question: How to choose between Google Ads and Social Media Ads?

On Facebook and Instagram, businesses should focus on offering things that add pleasure to their daily lives. Items that are not really a need, and more of a want. Offer things that people are not thinking about until they see your advertisement.

On the other hand, Google Ads is a place for you to advertise exactly what people are looking for. Users are searching on Google, exactly what they want, and you need to leverage on keywords, to ensure that your ads appear to the right audiences, and be discovered.

In addition to this, the Google Display Network can be used to show your advertisements on the Google Display Network consisting of more than 2 million websites, videos, and apps. If you are in the business of selling ceramic cups, your display ads can be shown on various ceramic product websites, so your potential customers can discover your business.

If your ads campaigns on Google, Facebook or Instagram are not performing well. Contact us now, and let us help you!


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