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Why is PPC The Way Forward

Most you would have likely heard of the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) internet advertising model. What is this PPC, and how effective is it in aiding your business in achieving its goals?

Before diving into all that, let us first look into, what are the modules available in PPC:

These are some of the very powerful PPC options available for you. Now, on to the next step. How to choose the right module for you? Is it wise to spread your budget to cover all available options? The short answer is: NO.

The long answer: Schedule a meeting with us to find out more

What’s crucial to bear in mind, is to first understand the objective of your campaign. Do you want to create brand awareness? Increase leads? Increase inquiries to your business? Generate more crowd to your event? Whatever your objectives are, we will recommend the right campaigns to run, to ensure those objectives are met.

Now let’s dive into the individual campaigns to understand more about what they do.

Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the most sought of PPC options, due to the massive traffic that it can provide to your business. With Google Ads, what you are essentially doing, is to show your advertisements to people who are already looking for what you are offering. The chances to close these leads are much higher. Google Ads is the best platform if you’re aiming to generate revenue from your ads.

Social Media Ads

Depending on the industry you are in, social media ads can be leveraged for gathering quality leads and creating brand awareness. Facebook Ads allows you to conduct re-targeting based on segmented marketing and while introducing your brand to those who didn’t know your business existed. As an added bonus, your ads can be shown on both Facebook and Instagram simultaneously, to target your potential clients.

YouTube Advertising

Whether you realise it or not, YouTube is actually the second largest search engine in the world. This platform provides you with an opportunity for your message to reach millions of viewers daily. This depends on your ads budget of course. Similar to Google Ads, you can target the audience you would want the campaign to reach. You might worry about the “Skip Ad” button causing you to pay even though your video is not fully watched. Don’t worry! YouTube doesn’t charge you for the first 5 seconds. Viewers have the choice to watch the ad or the ad placement is free!

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Apart from the obvious social networking platform, LinkedIn also serves as a professional networking hub. So much so, in fact, most people who are browsing through LinkedIn, are usually in the working mentality. This makes LinkedIn the ideal medium to do some B2B marketing.

There you have it. The solutions for all your PPC needs. If you’re already attempting to run campaigns on your own, all the best to you. For those of you who need some assistance or guidance, do drop us a message, and let’s talk! Catalyst Edge Marketing is ready to assist you wherever applicable.

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