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The Website Story - A Short Digital Horror

This is based on a true story. The names of those involved have been changed, to protect their identities.

Long long ago, when the ayam bertelur, there was a time, when the internet was new, and web pages could only be found, by browsing the world wide web, from desktop computers. A website was created to sell keropok ikan online. There was a variety of flavors, and once the website was created, through word of mouth, the online business took off. The website was very proud of himself, as his visitor count continues to increase day by day.

Things were looking good, and it was smooth sailings for him, until one day, he realized, that there was someone else, who looks very much like himself online! Oh, how shocked he was! This other website was selling similar products with him, and they both look almost identical. “That’s an imposter! This is unacceptable!” he thought to himself.

These new websites, gosh! They are just shifting in shapes and sizes. None of them stay in one layout for long. Sometimes they were horizontal, some times the contents of the page re-arranged itself to be vertical. “What type of sorcery is this!” he thought. “It’s almost as though the websites are responsive!”

He decided to meet up with some of his old pals from back in the day. He noticed that some of them had new looks, and then, there were some, who looked worse for wear. Due to his connections in the keropok ikan industry, he has been appearing in many blogs over the years, which in turn, strengthens his SEO ranking. As the years go by, it became harder and harder for the website to maintain his position as one of the prized stallion in the world of keropok ikan. He found himself struggling to maintain his place, on the first page of Google Search. It seems like any day now, he will slip and...

No!! NOOO!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!! Alas, his screams were left unheard, as he found himself disappearing into the unknown. He kept falling backward, without having a sense of where he actually is. Everything is dark, and the last thing he saw a while back was Page 3 of about 8,270,000,000 results.

Google has implemented Mobile-first Indexing. If your website is not a responsive one, contact us now to get a quote. If you have to pinch and zoom your screen to go through your website on your smartphone, your website is not responsive.

Don’t wait until this happens to you. Contact Catalyst Edge Marketing now, to see how we can shine some light to your dark corner.


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