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Boosting Posts Versus Running Ads

“Facebook ads ar? I am already doing la! It’s easy one la. Just boost ma! For this, you charge me monthly ar? Very expensive la. My friend’s son’s brother in law’s cousin is also doing this.”

Boosting posts and running ads on social media are not the same thing. One of them is a waste of money and the other helps you generate valuable leads. One of it is what Catalyst Edge’s digital team studied and has 10 years of industry experience in and the other is what every business page owner in Facebook has access to. One of them has multiple settings and setup to do, and the other can be done by keying in your credit card details and clicking the Boost button.

“Boosting posts is a waste of money? Sure or not? This is Facebook la, not some tepi jalan company.”

Boosting post is a form of vanity advertisement. As a page owner, it feels good to see your post have so many likes. But that’s where it stops. It only makes you feel good, to feed into your vanity. It will never give you high-value leads unless the promotion on your post is so eye-catching or clickbaity.

Let me be very clear: Boosting is not advertising.

The Key Difference: Tracking Results

With Ads, you are able to track the results of your campaigns. With these results, we will be able to advise you on remarketing campaigns, with the data collected from running ads (correctly). Boosting posts does not give you any useful data. You are throwing hard-earned money for virtual likes and comments.

“But what if I wish to create awareness about my promotion? If I don’t boost, how to let people know?”

It’s simple. Run ads instead! Boosting a post gives you limit options as your objective, namely; website visits, messages and post engagement. On the other hand, when you run ads, you are able to pick an objective and make it reach its full potential. Objectives on ads could range from awareness, reach, traffic, engagement, conversions, leads and much more. In addition to that, you can more directly follow the Buyer's Journey to match your campaigns to your audience's specific needs.

“That’s all ar? What else can Ads do?”

There are several other options in ads that make it superior. There’s ad scheduling. This is an option to customize when your ads will appear to your target audience. It allows you to turn your ads off and on automatically throughout the week on a recurring schedule.

Ads also come with custom conversion tracking. This is where you are able to track anything when it comes to your entire campaign. Moreover, you can create a custom audience for individual campaigns. Creating a custom audience comes from the data collected based on your ads database.

Let’s cut to the chase

In no way can boosting actually even be in the same playing field as running ads. If it seems like I am overly passionate about this subject matter, it’s because these two subjects cannot be further apart. If you’ve been boosting posts, stop throwing money away. The entire premise of Facebook Advertising is to be extremely strategic and precise. Maximize campaign objectives to follow the buyer's journey. Build hyper-targeted audiences. Nurture leads and build raving, loyal fans. It’s not just likes and comments.

While it may seem simple to get started with Facebook Ads, it's one of the most misused—or underutilized—tools in marketing arsenals. If you think you may be missing out on how to maximize, we can review your strategy with you.

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