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Google My Business - Your First Step Towards Victory

You’re doing tremendously well in your brick and mortar business and want to start selling online. You’re a new start-up, looking to market your services online. You’re interested in expanding your offline business, online. Either way, Google My Business is the right first step towards creating a digital footprint.

Never heard of Google My Business (GMB)?

Well, GMB is a platform introduced by Google to allow business owners to register their business, along with information related to the business, in Google. Information such as operating hours, contact number, website, direction, and other relevant information. This makes it easier for your potential customers to find information about your business right from the Google search engine.

How does GMB actually work?

Google generates a basic landing page for you, based on the information you shared with Google about your business. This landing page allows you to update information about your company, much like a social media page. You can upload photos, promotions and other information about your business.

The Google algorithm actually prioritizes these websites when someone Googles for your business or any of your main keywords. With GMB, once a potential client searches for you, they can actually get all the basic information about your business with one click. This is actually a powerful tool that many businesses miss out on. It is equally as important as creating a social media page. GMB also allows your customers to drop a review on your listing. If you have accumulated some bad ones, click here to find out more on how you should handle that.

Sounds like there are hidden charges

Actually Google My Business is entirely free to register and use. It is a good start if you wish to conserve your budget. Once things start picking up, then you can take the next step and get yourself a super-nice website from Catalyst Edge Marketing. We primarily focus on working with SMEs so we know exactly what you need!

Do I need to be an expert to navigate through the GMB platform?

Why don’t you start by creating an account, and find out! It’s rather quick to start, and the website customisation part will take a while to get used to if you want to make the website accurately reflect your business. Other than that, it is rather easy! Try it!

Hmmm…. Will it really benefit my business?

Short answer? Yes. Longer answer? Definitely yes. GMB makes it much easier for potential customers to find your business. With all the information you provide, they can also reach you easily. This is a great way to use online marketing and create offline traffic. It also boosts your main website SEO because people will be clicking on your website link from the GMB page. In addition to that, it also gives you an insight into who your customers are. With that being said, Google My Business is an important weapon to have in your arsenal as you charge towards victory in your online business! Ready, Steady, Goooo!


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