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What's With All These Negative Reviews?

“Wah, seriously la! I got 50 good reviews, only 1 bad review. Should be okay right?”

The short answer is, not really. Most of the time, potential customers judge your business based on about 4 reviews. Noticed how that one terrible complaint is hurting your business?

Not to worry, it’s not the end of the world. In this article, we’ll try to share some steps that can be taken, in order to salvage the situation. Whatever you do, do not get into a public feud or argument with the negative reviewer, because things can only get worse from there.

Step A: Apologies and Manage

Before things escalate out of control, take back control by being the bigger person. No matter which party is at fault, remember, the customer is always right. Try contacting the particular customer, and assure them that you will do better, to ensure that they have a more pleasant experience in the future.

Step B: Be Professional

Although Step 1 usually does the trick, there are times where you might face customers who are much more upset, and an apology just won’t do. In these cases, be sure to keep a level head, and plan on how to handle the client, which could result in a positive outcome. Communication is key here.

Step C: Convince to Remove

Once resolved, and both parties are satisfied because steps have been taken to ensure similar issues do not occur again, you may reach out to the customer to remove the negative review. Explain to them that it would be a huge favor for your business, and create an environment of empathy. If they refuse, alternatively, you may request that they leave another reply to the comment, that the issue has been resolved. This will show to your potential customers that you take reviews seriously, and create an environment of trust towards your business.

If the A, B, C steps above did not work. You also have an alternative move to deal with negative reviews. At its core, reviews exist as a forum for public opinion. It acts as a suggestion for potential customers to convince or steer them away from dealing with your company. With that being said usually, no decent websites will delete your review without a valid reason. However, steps can be taken to report a review so that it can be removed if it does not follow the guidelines of the website. In cases involving fake reviews, reviews with malicious intent, and even spam in the review section can be handled.

For more tips on how to handle delicate situations like this, Catalyst Edge Marketing is here for you. We are just a call away!


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