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It's Time To Revamp Your Website If...

Almost all corporate entities have a website nowadays. It makes it easier for your clients to find you online, and it builds trust and gives a sense of reliability to potential customers. It is fair to say that your corporate website is the first impression your company will give to many of your customers. You do know what they say about first impressions, don’t you?

Here are some of the signs, that your corporate website might need an update

Your website takes too long to load

Your page visitors expect your page to instantly load when they click on your link. Studies done have shown that visitors grow impatient and about 40% of them exit the website without even waiting for the landing page to load if your website isn’t loaded within 3 seconds after clicking your link. Bear in mind, that a slow website can be caused by several different factors. In order to ensure you are tackling the right problem, use tools like Page Speed Insights, to assess your page.

Not SEO Ready

In order for your website to be easily found in Google, you need to adhere to some of the rules set by Google. This means that your website has to have the right keywords optimised, compelling contents, high quality links, great user experience and so on. All this makes your website what we in the business call: SEO Ready. If your website is not SEO Ready, chances are, your page will be dropping in rank. Your website needs a revamp if you fall into this category.

Unresponsive Website

Nowadays, people are searching for websites on Google through a wide range of devices. If your website is not responsive, it means that your visitors will have to pinch and pull on the screen to navigate through your website. This is an inconvenience and will cause your visitors to exit your page, opting for another webpage that gives them a better user experience. If you have an old school website that is not responsive, contact Catalyst Edge Marketing to get a quote for your new website. We promise you, it’s an investment worth making. For our take on how important responsive websites are, take a quick break from your research and read this short horror story.

No Proper Call to Action

If your website has an abundance of visitors, but they are not really doing what you want them to do. Your web sales are not increasing, or the ratio of page visitors to the amount of lead generated is about 10:1, you should look into revamping your website, to create a better transition flow for your potential customers. Your page should be able to lead your visitors into taking the step you want them to eventually take.

Website Not User Friendly

You should get someone who is not part of your staff, or someone who is not familiar with your business. Get a few individuals to navigate through your website. Get their feedback on the page. If they find it confusing, or the buttons are hard to locate, or even the content contains too many jargons, you might consider having your website built again. The entire website has to be user friendly, in order for your page to be able to convert interested visitors into being your customer.

If your website has any of the five signs mentioned above, you need to look into getting your website revamped. We can help you with that. Just click here to take a look at our web design package.


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