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The Social Media Open Secrets

There are thousands of inactive and dead Facebook pages. Once in a few weeks, one of your contacts on Facebook will invite you to like a particular page, and you do. After that, absolutely nothing. Why are there so many social media marketing failures, and what does it actually take, to be successful in the world of social media.

Brand Awareness

Social media is one of the best ways to communicate and build a good relationship with your audience. Because of the way the Facebook algorithm works, spending a few hours on social media can work wonders in terms of getting awareness for your brand.

Benefits outweighs Cost

Creating a social media page for your business is absolutely free. In fact, you can sign up and create a business page and start creating posts for your page, without paying anything to Facebook or Instagram. Running paid advertising campaigns on social media is rather affordable and you are able to target and reach audiences based on their demographics. You will also be able to track and measure your conversion.

Engage Your Customers

Whenever your followers post a question or leave a feedback to your services, make it a point to get back to them. This helps build trust and cement a feeling of brand loyalty within your customer. When their problems are addressed and resolved, this could help new customers make the decision to engage you as well, because they could see that your organisation pays attention to the customers.

Improve Brand Loyalty

Create excitable and relevant content on your business page, and monitor the engagements you receive on each post. Followers are more likely to comment and share posts that are relatable to them. This builds on brand loyalty and could mean recurring business in the long run.

Right Time to Start?

Now! If you haven’t created a Facebook page for your business you are already behind your competitors. Do you know, posting relevant content on your Facebook page also helps improve your SEO ranking. Don’t get left out. If you’re not sure about how to start, get in touch with the Catalyst Edge team.

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